Does anybody know of a good website to buy used books and not pay that much on shipping?


I need a good website to buy used books that are really cheep but still in good condition and not have to pay like four dollars in shipping per book. Can anybody help me please?

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Well, there’s always eBay. But if you’re looking for hard-to-find or signed books, try


Amazon is a great place to find used items in good shape. If you buy several books you can even get a break on shipping. It’s a great site!


This is the one I use .

Alice Cullen

EBay has used everythang…but who wants a used book? ick.

Molly T

Ebay is definitely good, but it depends on who you buy from – sellers can set their own shipping prices and such. And there are always used book stores, thrift shops and library sales.

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